Part-time and casual

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Our on-campus Employment & Recruitment Service and links to other vacancy sources for part-time and casual work.

Work experience

Information and resources to help you find work experience opportunities.

Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

The law requires that employers treat applicants and employees equally regardless of disability, gender, age, race, religion or sexual orientation. The following resources provide information and advice about ensuring equal rights when job seeking and in employment

Full-time work

Links to some of the main sources and job boards offering graduate jobs.

Graduate jobs programme

Our Graduate Jobs Programme helps connect recent graduates to employment opportunities.

First Year Insight Days & Programmes

Insight days and programmes offer first year students the opportunity to enter the workplace and gain valuable experience prior to being eligible for most internship programmes.


Voluntary opportunities are available through the Students' Union and other organisations within the UK. 

Travel Bursary

Do you need financial help getting to interviews/assessment centres? Then why not apply for a tt娱乐 travel bursary?

Gap year

Gap year opportunities and information from some of the more specialist providers.

Working Overseas

Information and links relating to vacancies outside of the UK.