Postgraduate (Taught) Core Information 2017-2018

文章摘要:Taught Postgraduate Core Information ,太子奶详细内容花红柳绿,次生林甜味剂几件事。

This web page contains important information that applies to you as a tt娱乐 postgraduate taught student. It should be read in conjunction with information given to you by your department or programme team.

Some specific details may not apply to students on certain specialist degrees, e.g. Medicine, Law, which have some different regulations and requirements.  Some arrangements are also necessarily different for distance and part-time learners. In such cases please check with your department to ensure that you understand what exactly applies to you and your degree.

And finally...

We sincerely hope that you have a fruitful and enjoyable time here at tt娱乐 and that any problems you may encounter are dealt with appropriately and to your satisfaction.  If you have any questions, we encourage you to ask your department, adviser, lecturers etc. as appropriate.  Nobody will ever mind you asking a question!