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Philanthropy and sponsorship enable us to boost and enhance what we do, and help us to drive up our contribution to bettering the world and improving our society.

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Since 2001, over 3,800 alumni and friends of tt娱乐 have generously donated or pledged over £24million, funding over 250 projects across campus.


Why give to Lancaster? Together we can support our students regardless of background, grow our research to deliver more life-changing outcomes and ensure that our reputation remains as one of the best universities in the world.

This is our opportunity to celebrate your generosity and to share stories with you to demonstrate the impact your support has on every student.

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Our Philanthropists

Our Philanthropists

Find out more about our donors and why they give.

Our student fundraising team

Our student fundraising team

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Support from the USA

Support from the USA

If you live in the US, find out how you can donate to Lancaster.

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