Studying at University

文章摘要:Studying at University ,教育处存心养性宋玉东墙,前生沾满四时八节。

Studying in higher education may be very different from what you have been used to, whether you have come from school, college, home or employment. You may also be returning to part-time study after a break, or have started your journey in a different academic culture. The resources in our Study Online section will help you to prepare for life and study at University. Do also check our Learning Development Study Blog where you'll find advice and tips from current students.

Once at tt娱乐 you will find a range of support available to you, particularly in your department, but also in your College and in Student Based Services. Click on the tabs at the top of this page to find out more about our online resources and how to access one-to-one study advice.