Journals and Articles

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Journals are important sources of information for subject research. They contain collections of articles published in separates parts and at regular intervals, eg weekly, monthly or quarterly. Journals can also be referred to as periodicals, magazines or serials. 

The Library provides access to thousands of journals, the majority of which are available to read online (eJournals), whilst some are available as printed volumes that are shelved within the Library building.

How do I find which journal titles are available?

Information about which journal titles are available, plus details of their content coverage (holding information), can be found on OneSearch

How do I find articles in journals for my subject?

OneSearch also enables you to search within journals to find relevant articles for your subject. 

Select the Articles & More tab then enter some keywords which describe the subject you are researching, or the specific article you are looking for. Once your results have been returned, you can use the Refine My Results option to show just Articles. 

What if the Library doesn't have the journal or articles I need?

You can apply for the journal or article you need through the  service.

Alternatively, you can visit other libraries. For more information read the Using Other Libraries guide.

SUNCAT is the UK Serials Union Catalogue and will help you locate journals held in UK libraries.