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Exploring below the surface of how we organise for work, how organisational forms develop and our complex and evolving relationship with technology.

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About the Department

As one of the first departments of organisation studies to be established in the UK, we are known for the advancement and application of organisational and social theory. A succession of well-known academics have worked in the Department and many of our students, who have subsequently become influential figures in their own right, continue Lancaster traditions. 

As a multi-disciplinary department, we draw primarily on the disciplines of social psychology, sociology and philosophy. We research and teach within and across three main themes of organisation, work and technology. Empirical research has always been an important focus, conducted on the basis of strong theoretic foundations.

Engaging with Business

By harnessing the power of research and academic insight, we are leading the debate on a range of global issues. Read our latest article from Professor Niall Hayes "Islands of Opportunity", exploring whether there is a high-tech way to tackle isolation and loneliness. Discover how we are engaging with organisations by visiting For Business.

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Teaching & Research

Our undergraduate, Masters and PhD courses provide a balance of theory and practice, where you will benefit from being taught by some of the leading thinkers in the field.



Our undergraduate degrees are designed to give you a broad appreciation of management theory and practice combined with specialised knowledge of key disciplines.



Our Masters courses reflect our interdisciplinary focus, drawing on the latest research and encouraging a critical approach to contemporary organisational practices.



Our PhD and Doctor of Management programmes immerse you in the Department's leading research activities.



Our research sets the agenda in debates about areas such as employment relations, aiming to advance the role of organisations in contemporary society.

Upcoming Events

The department runs a series of research seminars with invited academics from universities across the world.


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