International Bank Transfer

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tt娱乐 has partnered with Western Union to allow students, their families or their sponsors the opportunity to securely send international wire transfers for payment of tuition and/or accommodation fees in their local currency.

Benefits of paying this way:

  • Make a payment of fees in own local currency.
  • A guaranteed exchange rate for a period of up to 72 hours in which to make a request to own bank to make the transfer.
  • It ensures that 100% of the funds transferred reach the University and that no additional bank charges are deducted.
  • Payment can be easily identified and allocated by the University giving students/payers peace of mind.
  • It is a secure and quick way to make the transfer ensuring that the University receives the payment promptly.
  • Platform translated in 7 languages: English, French, Korean, Indonesian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Hindi. Spanish and Japanese to be added very soon.

The process is simple in that once the transfer request form has been completed Western Union will provide you with an instant quote for the cost of your transfer in your local currency. Once you agree to the offer you will then be required to instruct your own bank to transfer funds in your local currency to Western Union. Western Union will then forward a sterling payment on to the University.

Western Union will send you a confirmation email once the payment has been settled.

By using this service you avoid or significantly reduce the costs incurred to both yourself and tt娱乐 for making/receiving international payments .

Please note that upon obtaining a quote from Western Union Business Solutions, you are under no obligation to proceed with the payment. 

Obtain Quote and Payment Instructions

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