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We have been welcoming students from Azerbaijan for many years and have a long standing relationship with The Ministry of Education in Azerbaijan and are therefore on the list of approved universities for sponsored students.

The following information is specifically for students in Azerbaijan who are interested in studying at Lancaster.

Entry Requirements for Students from Azerbaijan

High entrance requirements for our degree courses at Lancaster reflect the quality of the University.

Undergraduate Course Entry Requirements

Students who have completed high school in Azerbaijan are required to take a foundation programme before entry to undergraduate degree courses at UK universities:

Postgraduate Course Entry Requirements

For more information please visit our Postgraduate entry requirements pages.

Fees and Scholarships

For more information about tuition fees, scholarships and living costs please see: Fees and Funding.

Support for you in Azerbaijan

Our official agents in Azerbaijan are listed below.  You can contact them directly for more information about study opportunities at tt娱乐.  They can also offer practical advice on UK visa requirements and studying in the UK.

There are over 100 student clubs and societies that you can join at Lancaster to read more please see: Life at Lancaster.

Contact Us

The Lancaster International Office is here to help and advise students from Azerbaijan. If you cannot find the information you require in these pages please email the Azerbaijan Team.

Connect with us at tt娱乐 Facebook.