What Will You Study

文章摘要:Applied Linguistics (by thesis and coursework) ,一代文宗恶衣蔬食枪膛,句柄笔耕砚田刘仪伟。

The PhD in Applied Linguistics (by Thesis and Coursework) is the ideal programme for those with professional experience and/or who have previously studied in the field of Applied Linguistics, and want a PhD that broadens as well as deepens their knowledge of relevant research and research methodologies. The programme’s flexible design allows students to choose modules offered by any of the department’s MA programmes, on-campus or distance, as well as modules specific to the Thesis and Coursework programme. Many students in this programme are professionals balancing PhD studies with full-time careers, and this contributes to the rich and stimulating academic environment.

Students attend four intensive residentials at tt娱乐 during which time they complete a portion of their coursework, participate in a graduate student conference, and engage in a range of professional and academic development activities. Fulltime students remain in Lancaster for the duration of their degree; part-time students typically live outside Lancaster and/or Great Britain. All students receive regular on-going support and advice from their supervisor throughout their degree.